The world's most advanced security x-ray system

Our main product setup is the Soter RS full body scanner. Coming soon, the Soter system will be equipped with the latest AI technologies in automatic contraband detection; THEIA – your digital assistant in detecting contraband. We highly recommend to always add the Central Database, for it provides valuable management information.

THEIA Automatic Contraband Detection

THEIA, your digital assistant in detecting contraband.

Partnering with our clients to provide a safe environment is our business. We continually work to improve our solutions and innovate to help you overcome the challenges many agencies face today with Staff retention, re-training needs, and the reality that not every Officer is technologically proficient. The next step in contraband detection is THEIA, our advanced AI solution, which highlights anomalies from the human body so the operator can take appropriate action.

  • Remove the risk of operators missing contraband
  • Detect any type of contraband
  • Detect contraband at any location of the human body
THEIA Automatic Contraband Detection Key Visual