Superior image quality; The Body scanner with the sharpest focus

We are proud to say all our Soter Body Scanners are designed to provide top-notch image quality. Especially considering the most important factor in detecting contraband is having the best image quality achievable.

The 3 main elements

There are 3 main elements that contribute to the sharpest focus on contraband possible:

Our Multi Dynamic Detector

We have developed a method that allows us to have the best image quality and a 100% detection rate, without unnecessary radiation exposure. Taking the ALARA principal* in consideration, we developed our Multi Dynamic Detector. The Multi Dynamic Detector eliminates the need of a second X-Ray generator.

Our detector can be adjusted to your needs by making it significantly more sensitive in a specific range of the body (for example the torso area), picking up even more information in the scan of said region. This technology is responsible for the Soter’s ability to create the best image out there.

* As Low As Reasonably Achievable in regards to radiation exposure

The Soter Software

The image the Soter generates with a scan is also dynamic. Thanks to our advanced software, you are offered a wide variety of image analysis possibilities thanks to several image enhancement functions such as:

Medical Standard DICOM image format

The image produced by the Soter’s scan is generated in DICOM format, the international medical standard to transmit, store, retrieve and display medical imaging. 

Multiple screen possibilities

There are multiple screen combinations available, completely adjustable to what works best for your facility. Among the custom screen possibilities you can choose for an additional console, one or several supervisor monitors, torso monitor(s) and a tablet.

The operator console is equipped with a large 23” touch screen with smartphone-like interface. This high resolution screen (2678 x 1200) gives you the most detailed image. Additionally to this operator console, a supervisor monitor is available. This monitor displays a copy of the scan showing on the console, enabling your supervisors to have a second opinion from a different location.

The torso monitor offers a direct focus on the area of the body with the higher potential risk to contain contraband. The tablet option is particularly useful out in the field, enabling you to enhance and analyze scanned images in remote area’s, wirelessly. The tablet has proven exceptionally useful for additional supervisor or training purposes.

See everything thanks to various image enhancement possibilities

The interface of the operator console works very intuitive, just like a tablet or smartphone. With a simple finger touch the operator can analyze images deeper to detect any kind of contraband.

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