Our one of a kind Soter system

The Soter System combines ultra low radiation with maximum visibility, making it extraordinarily safe and efficient. Below you will find in highlights why the Soter Series is the absolute best choice for your facility.

The Soter system offers you a range of strategic benefits

The Soter system is much more than a product. It opens up possibilities, offering you a wide range of strategic benefits. The Soter system is truly an upgrade in terms of taking the security in your facility to the next level. It does so by optimizing the search process, creating highly controlled contraband search circumstances. By detecting all contraband, and thereby preventing great amounts of such to enter your facility, the Soter system additionally addresses and reduces drug issues.

The Soter System offers a more human centered approach, because it optimally secures your staff and facilitates a search process in respect of human dignity. Using the Soter system leaves other, more invasive search methods obsolete in most cases.

The Soter system registers a wide variety of information. It generates data, providing you with statistics and insights you can strategically use to your benefit.

Incredibly user friendly, making the contraband search process easier than ever

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