What customers say about ODSecurity

Many of our satisfied customers went before you. We currently have installed over 650 Soters worldwide! Take a look at what some of our customers have to say:

"After recent installation the Soter RS has already had an big impact. My staff feels more confident carrying out searches. I notice that it is also used as a deterrent. Having the reputation of having the Soter RS, we have a lot of inmates who tell us up front that they have contraband and will give it up willingly, before they’re even scanned."

"This is a big step forward for our jail; it means far less contraband, making a safer environment. It’s an incredibly quick process, as it only takes 10 seconds for any of our operators to learn if an inmate is carrying anything abnormal. Once the scan is taken, we immediately know if, and what an inmate is carrying on- or inside their body."

"We’ve seen a strong increase in the sense of security among our staff since we introduced the Soter RS in our facility. Staff have reported to feel more safe in the search process and they report that the use of the body scanner reinforces the trust the inmates have in us."

"We know this can be a challenging environment to work in, and I'm pleased to support introducing the Soter RS in order to better protect staff, inmates and visitors at the centre."

"This is a life saving device, the way I see it. Keeping the contraband out of jail eliminates the dangers that come with it. The bigger picture for me is; that contraband is not in my jail, and no one’s gonna lose their life over it."

"Keeping out opioids is a modern problem, that needs modern tools. My job as a sheriff is to have a clean, safe, healthy jail. The Soter RS helps us have that clean, safe healthy jail."

"Remarkable statistics have been released by Canadian Prison Authorities that highlight the effectiveness of the Soter RS. This signal a huge positive step forward in the fight against drugs in prisons! Over the course of 8 months, 4.690 'positive' reported scans prevented drugs from entering several Correctional Facilities in Ontario!"