Company profile

ODSecurity is a highly driven and innovative organization. We distinguish ourselves through years of global business experience and our knowledge in the field of x-ray body scanners. This, combined with the strength of our young, eager attitude really separates us from any other body scanner supplier. Our agility and decisiveness make us extra relevant to our clients and ensures that we are able to rapidly respond to the changing circumstances in the correctional market.

This, and our personable service makes us an excellent partner in the development and production of body scanners, which shows in the large number of body scanners we’ve installed and currently maintain worldwide. Combining our many years of experience and knowledge with an eager, agile approach, ODSecurity really does offer the full package. This fuels us to continuesly improve the technology behind our body scanners, ensuring the best experience for our clients.

History OD Security

OD Security is founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of the famous company Old Delft, for the development and manufacturing of Thorax scanning based on X-ray. As one of the first Dutch companies who specialized in X-ray application OD Security developed the Odelca. The first machine that was used for population screening to detect tuberculosis.

The Odelca was manufactured from the 60’s up until 2002 and during these years more than 20.000 systems were installed all over the world. In the year 2000 OD Medical separated from the Old Delft organisation as a self supporting company. From that moment on, OD Security has remained a privately owned company.

Having years of expertise and know-how surrounding population screening, OD Security started to develop a scanner for security purposes in early 2003. The first scanner produced since those developments got introduced to the market shortly after, in 2005. These were sold in the UK, Mexico and the United Nations. November 2006 the Soter RS was introduced to the market as a Low dosage body scanner for security applications. From that moment on, the Soter scanners have been sold in various countries all over the world.

The Soter 300 Project

As a highly driven and innovative organization, ODSecurity has recently started the development of a brand new body scanner, even more advanced than the current systems.

Thanks to the financial support of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund, we are able to continue our innovations and develop state of the art technology for the security markets ODSecurity operates in.