The world's most advanced security x-ray system

Our main product setup is the Soter RS full body scanner. Coming soon, the Soter system will be equipped with the latest AI technologies in automatic contraband detection; THEIA – your digital assistant in detecting contraband. We highly recommend to always add the Central Database, for it provides valuable management information.

Insights and statistics through data collection

Every Soter system in your facility or across facilities on different locations can be connected to a Central Database, where all scanning data will be recorded, stored and backed up. All data can be accessed on demand from any given location.

Thanks to the Central Database, all scanning procedures can now be performed across many different locations free of any concerns regarding radiation accumulation. The Central Database automatically registers the accumulative radiation dose per scanned individual from all locations. Therefore, all scans will always be within limits, no matter where the scan is performed.

This, and many more benefits the Central Database offers, comprise the gamechanging factors that have proven to take your security process to the next level. Many of our clients have expierenced this advantage before you.

  • Registers cumulative radiation
  • Access data records across facilities
  • Allows for image comparison
  • Offers insights & statistics
  • Registers detected contraband