The world's most advanced security x-ray system

Our main product setup is the Soter RS full body scanner. Coming soon, the Soter system will be equipped with the latest AI technologies in automatic contraband detection; THEIA – your digital assistant in detecting contraband. We highly recommend to always add the Central Database, for it provides valuable management information.

Soter RS - Full body scanner

Within a matter of seconds any hidden item imaginable will be revealed. It doesn’t have to be metal, all kinds of other material will also be detected, like organics, wood and plastics. The Soter RS reveals it all by showing a clear difference between human tissue and other materials.

This way, thanks to the Soter RS’ eagle eye, no contraband (such as drugs, cellphones or weapons) will ever escape your attention. Even ingested or camouflaged items will be detected effortlessly.

  • Head to toe full body scanner
  • Detects all types of contraband
  • The highest available image quality
  • Worldwide proven technology
  • No radiation for operators


General scanning device Soter RS
Dimensions W175 x L290 x H235 or 265*
Weight 700 kg
Platform speed 0,6 - 0,11 m/s
Operating temperature 0-40 ̊ Celcius
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Sound pressure <51 dB(A)
Dosage levels 3 levels, adjustable from 0,1 µSv up to 6 µSv
Type-C standards ANSI/HPS N43.17-2009 IEC62463:2010
Start-up time <2 min
*Customers have the option to select a taller Soter RS Detector tower, enabling a scanning range of up to 206 cm.
Monitor 23” multi touch screen*
Identification & authentication Biometric reader (fingerprint), NFC-reader and barcode scanner
*Standard other options available.
Theia Automatic contraband detection
Various filters for analyzing the image
Highly secured database with: • Multiple report functions • Dose limitation • Encryption • Data import & export • Simulation / random scan
PREA compliancy
ID camera
Bi-directional central server database with optional: Data exchange, adjustable to network speed
Supervisor monitor
Operator console desktop, stand alone or wall mounted
Connected landscape monitor with detailed close up-view
Desktop computer with viewer software connected to the Soter RS by Ethernet
Tablet with viewer software, wirelessly connected to the Soter RS
Build in dosimeter