The Only Full Body Automatic Contraband Detection Technology Available in Todays Market.

THEIA is the only full body scanner with automatic threat recognition software available today. Using its complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, THEIA has been trained using images of the human body, and, will, automatically identify anomalies, directing staff to the discovered contraband.

How it works: Highlighting anomalies

Driven by Machine Learning algorithms, THEIA has been trained using “datasets”. These “datasets” contain large collections of “negative” full-body scan images. Ie; scan images that are free of any contraband.

Negative scan images teach THEIA, through AI technology, what a negative scan of the entire human body should look like, and by extension teaches it to immediately recognise anything that deviates from a negative full-body scan. Instead of THEIA having to search for and, recognise specific items, these deviations, or anomalies will be found by THEIA, and highlighted.

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Automatically detects any type of contraband, anywhere on the body

This is what makes THEIA the all encompassing solution when it comes to automatic contraband detection. THEIA makes no distinction between the detected contraband material, its size, or the location of where it may be hidden. Not only on the human body, but also within it. If it is there, then THEIA will discover it.

ODSecurity continually strive to find solutions to our client’s needs. We work tirelessly with our clients to provide a safe environment for their staff through innovation and help to overcome the challenges many agencies face today.

THEIA will, fortify your facility’s security and empower your staff to ensure the safety in your facility.

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