The best full-body security scanning system on today’s market

25th of July 2020 – by Karen Kingham

The Soter Full Body Scanner sets itself apart from any other Full Body Security Scanning system out there in the market. Read these 9 main reasons why the Soter System is the best answer for your facility, down below.


The Soter has a 100% detection rate.
If it shouldn’t be inside a human body, Soter’s 1216 individual sensors will find it. The Soter can penetrate the whole body, including all-natural body cavities. All organic and inorganic contraband, hidden either inside or on the body will be found. It can detect all metals – ferrous and nonferrous, plastics, weapons, narcotics, explosives, precious stones and diamonds, electronic devices (such as cell phones), and video equipment. Have a look at both of the Soter Body Scanners here.


The Soter offers the smallest radiation footprint available on today’s market, and zero radiation risk to the operators. The total inspection time is less than 10 seconds per person. The X-Ray tube is only active during the 8-10 second scanning process, which is the only time radiation is emitted. Using the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, the Soter complies with radiation safety standards; scanning with levels of just < 2.0 microSieverts. The lead-lined Delta Frame with integrated X-Ray generator and collimator removes all risk of radiation leakage from accidental or deliberate damage.

Intercept all contraband

Help your staff in the process of finding all contraband, and do so in the safest and most humane manner.
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The Soter produces the most detailed image quality available in today’s market.
The scanned image is displayed on a 2678 x 1200 pixel multi-touch screen and is a medical standard Dicom format of over 7 megapixels, (in the context of X-Ray scan images that is exceptionally high-resolution!) This screen with its smartphone-like interface, allows specific image enhancements through its various filters and effects offering multiple ways of revealing the detected contraband in the clearest image possible.


The scanned image produced by the Soter RS can be displayed and analysed on a variety of screen options;

a. Operator console – a large 23” touch-screen with a smartphone-like interface, which can be stand-alone, wall-mounted, or customized to your specifications.

b. Supervisor monitor – displaying a copy of the scan, showing on the console, enabling supervisors/managers to form a second opinion, even from a completely different location.

c. Torso monitors – offers a direct focus on the area of the body with the higher potential risk to contain contraband.

d. Tablet options – particularly useful for use in the field. Offering the option to enhance and analyse scanned images in remote areas, wirelessly, for additional supervisor use, or training purposes.

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The Soter body scanner eliminates the need for a second X-Ray generator because of the advanced Multi Dynamic Detector (MDD). The MDD can be adjusted to specific requirements, making it significantly more sensitive in a determined range of the body (for example the torso), detecting the minutest details of the body area being scanned. Eliminating the need for a second X-Ray generator means that the person being scanned has nearly half the dose of radiation compared to a person being scanned with a second X-Ray generator.


Our customers can be assured that from the minute you make the first contact with us, right through the purchase process, the installation, training and after-sales- and warranty service, that every step of your purchase process will be executed flawlessly.


The Central Database simplifies the scanning processes and thereby the day-to-day working life of prison staff, which will take your security to the next level, as it relieves staff from administrative tasks and procedures, enabling them to fully focus on security.

Facilities in different locations can be connected to a Central Database. From here, all scanning data is recorded, stored, and backed up. This data can then be accessed from any facility, in any location, and can be stored either centrally, or locally.

One of the most important benefits from this connectivity is that the cumulative radiation dose is registered per scanned individual, from any location, negating any concerns over accumulation levels.

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Unlike many systems on the market, there are no privacy concerns with the Soter, as the person being scanned remains fully clothed, making the scan process more comfortable for all parties. This, combined with the fact that the scan produced shows a medical-style X-Ray image, deems the search process very much in respect of protecting human dignity. The personal data of any individual’s scan(s), can be collected across multiple systems in multiple facilities, to be cumulatively stored in an encrypted central or local database, meeting all the latest security certification needs. It is fully compliant with all FDA regulations and with ANSI/HSP 43.17-2009


ODSecurity offers certified customised training courses depending on your facility’s needs. Training on how to operate the system is simple. Members of your team will be competent and confident, operating the Soter in less than one hour. If our standard training schedule does not meet your requirements, then our team will liaise with you to determine your exact training needs.

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