The Soter RS full body scanner is used at airports for scanning potential drug smugglers.

On arrival at the airport suspicious passengers are singled out. A short interrogation determines whether these passengers are possibly smuggling drugs. The suspects are scanned from head to toe with the Soter RS full body scanner. Drugs swallowed by the passengers show up in the scan image in less than 30 seconds.

Fast Scanning

Scanning with the Soter RS is much faster than taking a suspect to a hospital for examination. Using the Soter RS significantly reduces expense. The inconvenience and time loss to the suspects is kept to a minimum, which is particularly important in cases when the suspect turns out to be innocent. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional examination procedures.

Minuscule dose of radiation

The Soter RS uses a minuscule dose of radiation and is therefore harmless. Scanning of passengers does not adversely influence their health. The dose absorbed is lower than 3 ┬ÁS. Customs officials can operate the Soter RS without the need for any formal specialist training. No need for medical training to recognise drugs when using the Soter RS.